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Successful test of the new streaming video recording assignment for language proficiency assessment in Moodle.

  1. Video recordings allow for a more authentic assessment of spoken language proficiency. Today, we could test a new Moodle video assignment type for Almut’s Summer II Elementary German II class: Preparing a natural sounding statement on one’s favorite holiday. This Moodle assignment type is an extension to students of the teacher video upload tool using a service Kaltura – we hinted at that earlier.
  2. Teachers, when editing their Moodle course,  can find this assignment type in the dropdown: Activity as “Video”. dropwdown-activity
  3. The assignment options: Note that creating a video assignment is pretty much the same as creating other assignments in Moodle, and so is grading, except instead of reading, you view the submission, right within the web page.  kaltura-assignment-options
  4. An example of guiding questions for a recording assignment is here (topic: holiday, language: German): moodle-video-assignment-guiding-questions
  5. Here is how the teacher sees the student submission in the gradebook.
  6. kaltura (1)
  7. teacher-grading-roster-CIMG0021
  8. Caveat: in Safari, we were not able to close the video popup, after viewing it from the class roster, and could only back out of the entire gradebook. Instead, from the roster, first open the page with the individual student submission, and review the video there on that page:
  9. teacher-grading-CIMG0027
  10. For the student experience, see here.
  11. Further reading: The CTL has a number of step-by-step instructions which we recommend for further reading: Student Video Assignment, and specifically for students: Upload a Video for a Video Assignment; for instructors: Grading Video Assignment Submissions.
  12. The LRC had originally prepared to record the students with our old, handheld mini-DV cameras, import the movie into iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, then find a way to get the files (with easily identifiable submitter names) to the teachers. Hitherto, our best option was compression of the video to to fit into the Moodle 64MB file upload size limit  (which, even if you decide to shoot and produce your video elsewhere and bring it as an uploadable  file to the assignment , does not apply to the Video assignment either).
  13. Preliminary testing seems to indicate that video recording of pairs/dialogues is also possible with the LRC’s webcam setup . However, because of the angle restrictions, capturing such sessions will be less natural.
  14. Overall, the new Moodle video assignment seems a major improvement for  all parties – students, teachers and support –, and can help with more authentic assessment of

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