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Subtitling Audio Files with Windows Media Player Enhanced Tag Editor

Working with (target language) subtitles is a common requirement in digital language labs.

While the method demonstrated in the following screencast requires some getting used to – remember to share and reuse the result -, the advantage over Sanako Media Assistant subtitling is that the subtitles get stored in the file and not only linked to in a separate file (links tend to/are bound to break if you try to manage your product in course management systems or erepositories): subtitling-with-windows-media-player-enhanced-tag-editor.wmv.

And then there is this very nice capability of YouTube.com: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=100077, if you dare navigate the waters of copyright, data protection and privacy (FERPA).

Note: The  newer Windows Media Editor does not contain the tag editor any more, but on Windows XP, you can roll back the Windows Media Player version by going to Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / Remove a program. Click Windows Media Player 11, and then click Remove

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