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How to get started with clicker use in your course by downloading & installing Turningpoint

  1. Just in case you get stuck already with your local computer: You can download the software from Moodle: image
    1. If you do not see this menu (you are supposed the CTL workshop first), contact the help desk.
  2. To download, I entered my institutional info and had no problem downloading and installing the  pc [not non-] install version of the software.
  3. After the install, when you open ppt (from the “Turningpoint dashboard”: “PowerPoint Polling”),
  4. image
  5. The Turningpoint plugin opens its own ribbon menu which you can use to add clicker exercises.
  6. image
  7. From here, there is more help available from
    1. the  vendor  and

Our Clickers: Software and Hardware

  1. The clickers come with software (PPT Add-In) that allows teachers to integrate simple interactivity (multiple choice questions etc.) into their slide decks.
    1. CAM01064
    2. CAM01062
    3. CAM01060
  2. The following teacher-hardware allows the teacher to present their interactive slide deck in the classroom and aggregate and display (for discussion and adaptive teaching) the student responses CAM01079CAM01083CAM01084CAM01086

Our Clickers

  1. If teachers bring you tools like the ones below – this is the teacher-portion hardware of the UNCC clickers. There is more information about campus clickers here and here, and live troubleshooting support via x75500:
  2. CAM01079CAM01083CAM01084CAM01086