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A few tools for speech transcription

  1. For teacher (research, learning material production etc.) transcription tasks (as opposed to language learner tasks, for which we can use the Sanako),
  2. if you have
    1. no switch (foot pedal) hardware (which usually comes with its own software), :
    2. no budget (a professional, but not free tool described here earlier is Swift-TX)
  3. available freeware tools that can speed up your transcriptions tasks are:
    1. Simple enough, but functional for the occasional transcription task:
    2. More oriented towards research and large-scale (corpora) transcriptions:
      2. LDC’s

How to use the online Spanish pronunciation help to generate phonetic alphabet transcriptions and text-to-speech

  1. Go to, enter your text, select your phonetic symbol set:
  2. spanish-text2phonetic-alphabet-daedalus
  3. Unlike with the Portuguese help, there is no text-to-speech option here.

How to use the online Portuguese pronunciation help to generate phonetic alphabet transcriptions and text-to-speech

2011/10/20 1 comment
  1. Go to
  2. Write or  paste your text into the textbox:“Grafemas”
  3. Choose your preferred phonetic alphabet (IPA, SAMPA) and other options.
  4. Press button: “Converter” to see results.
  5. Press button: “Sintetizar” to hear results.
  6. Like so:
  7. demo-portuguese-Conversor-de-Grafemas-para-Fonemas
  8. Or click here to view a demo (requires Windows Media Player) with audio (download requires Windows Media Player). Our example was:
    1. Input: Tudo bem? É o jeitinho brasileiro. Oí, árbitro! Cadê o penalty? Não, não posso faze-lo.
    2. Output: tˈudu bɐ̃ĩ ˈɛ u ʒɐitˈiɲu bɾɐzilˈɐiɾu oˈi ˈaɾbitɾu kɐdˈe u pˈenalti nˈɐ̃ũ nˈɐ̃ũ pˈɔsu fˈazɘlu