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MS-SharePoint and the LLC

The LLC has a SharePoint team-site (Yay! ). About the first thing asked for in September when I found out searching the company website that Inside Loyola – the locally branded version of DataTEL’s ActiveCampus  – is built on MS-SharePoint.

This means MS-SharePoint’s features are available to the LLC. This has benefits which come with groupware applications (aka “What’s Wrong with Email?”) that sit on top of an account management system likes AD.

On the basis of the MS-SharePoint/MS-Exchange/MS-Active directory stack, you can build, with much less effort, a much better calendaring/scheduling solution than CGI’s from the 90s provide.

Calendaring/Scheduling is a productivity task common to most businesses. Learning resource catalogues are much more vertical market specific. But if you cannot even manage the character input issues in foreign language video catalogue in your pre-.Net ASP solution, you might still find a generic solution based on SharePoint lists better.

And once you outsourced common productivity software development to MS, you can get implementing e-learning beyond watching TV.

View the departmental calendar with your Outlook calendar

2009/12/02 1 comment

If you are looking for a more convenient way to coordinate your personal calendar (and in the future: –s) with the departmental calendar, you can do what is called “Connect to Outlook” a Sharepoint Teamsite Calendar.

Go to “Inside Loyola”, go to your Modern Languages & Literatures team site,

click in the left menu: “Calendar”, click from the calendar top menu: “Actions”/ “Connect to Outlook”, like here:

Click “Yes”here: , or “Advanced”,

But there is not much to configure here:

In the resulting view (in “Overlay mode”, like 2 overlaid transparencies), events are much easier to coordinate:like so:

Incidentally: If, after “Connect to Outlook” a Sharepoint Teamsite Calendar, this password dialogue keeps popping up, like so: , instead of [your usual username], put [your usual username], plus remove the prefix “”.