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Does the Sanako Study 1200 tutor set the input language to Chinese (traditional)?

  1. Or why is my input language set to Chinese after the Sanako tutor install:image
  2. Unclear whether the tutor install has an effect on the default language, but we observed this problem earlier on an XP computer that also had the Sanako study 1200 tutor.

Swift Subtitling with Input Language Japanese in Windows XP

  1. Go to control panel / regional and language options / tab: languages.
  3. Check whether (1) Japanese / Keyboard / MS  IME Standard 2003 is installed. Otherwise (2) button:add it
  4. With (1) Japanese / Keyboard / MS  IME Standard 2003 is installed selected, click on (3) button: properties and ensure these settings are right, then click button: “ok”
  5. Now Open Swift.
  6. Menu file / preferences / tab: open:/ section:available fonts, button:add, add ms pgothic, section: default font, button:change, select ms pgothic, like here:
  7. Menu file / preferences / tab: spelling and languages, select primary language: Japanese, like here, then close with button: ok,
  8. Close the existing and open a new swift file.
  9. With swift still being the active application, ensure that in the windows language bar (if you do not see all the language bar icons, right click on input language icon , choose additional icons in the taskbar ; you may also have to right-click left of the input language icon, uncheck lock language bar, then resize the bar for the additional icons to show) the right input language is chosen, like here:
  10. Troubleshooting: It has been observed that the IME popup editor does not appear like here: . This may be related to the IME option “Input type” getting reset from “Hiragana”to “Direct Input”. Double-check this. Also, if all else fails, close existing and open a new file within Swift and/or close and reopen Swift, making sure that the IME settings remain.
  11. Still won’t work? Contact me.