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Keyboards not loading on pc35

Did this PC get out of synch? It was out of sync with the JAVA also.

No Java on PC35?


Plus restart request:


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Sanako Student crashes on startup

  1. UPDATE: looking at the Saanko log files now.
  2. image
  3. PC24 and others during Chinese, and again (+ PC36) during Russian class –
  4. no details available
  5. is this specific to
    1. PCs (all imaged and frozen?), but different hardware (headsets?)
    2. logged in users?
  6. Workaround: “close the program” – helper.exe seems to autorestart the student.exe.

Firefox Java AddOn settings on learning lab PCs

  1. FireFox should not be allowed to update automatically:
    1. teacherimage
    2. student: imageafter restart: image
      1. change in: image
      2. or: image
      3. or in prefs.js and user.js
    3. v. 26 disables Java by default which we need for online textbook components
    4. what dos v27 do which is now being automatically downloaded and installed
  2. Java within Firefox
    1. should not be allowed to update automatically image
      1. especially not for Java (7.51 breaks our online textbook components)
      2. but it has not updated to 7.51
      3. is this b/o the Deployment Toolkit also being deactivated?  Not sure: “By blocking the Java DT plug-in, the Java version detection mechanism is disabled. Therefore, when a user tries to launch a Java applet or application, that requires a specific Java version other than the active Java version on a user’s system, it will fail.image
        1. Manually checking for updates leads to this: image
        2. how to prevent automatic update of java?
    2. should not be set to “ask” every time (on frozen computers), plus: users miss the notification that asks them to enable it
      1. teacherimage
      2. student: image
      3. to just freeze java temporarily on a version known working , setting about:config/
        1. extensions.blocklist.enabled / false seems to radical

Internet Explorer add-ons to disable

  1. Problem: we need Realplayer for some legacy media, but Realdownloader is an  unwanted feature.
    1. “download this video” tooltip distracts
    2. slows down internet explorer startupaddins-disable real
  2. Workaround
    1. Sprocket/Manage Add-ons / Disable for Realnetworks looks like a good idea – may have to be done for all browser
    2. appwiz.cpl indicates a separate uninstall does not seem possibleappwiz-realnetworks
    3. it may be possible to configure  realdownloader separately (possibly using msconfig or registry) start-realnetworks):

How to test Voice boards (Blackboard Collaborate, formerly Wimba voice) for Vista Higher Learning (Supersite3) Textbooks

  1. First I create a voice board,
    1. image
    2. image
    3. image
    4. and add an audio contribution so that students can respond:
    5. image
    6. Fail:
    7. image
    8. image
    9. image
    10. More fail
    11. image
    12. image
    13. The help offered is of no use: “If the Applet displayed the message “Audio Unavailable”, click here. “  This is neither the error message, nor does the help address Java (but rather audio hardware config) issues
    14. But if you refresh (F5 suffices) the window with the Setup Wizard, it starts working?
    15. image
    16. Even the audio recorder:
    17. image
    18. And the voice board (after F5):
    19. image
    20. image
    21. image
  2. What Java version is this under ?
    1. imagereally? have I restarted after uninstall of 7.54?
    2. The running process here is now Java 6.
    3. image
    4. Still need to test on Java 7.45.
  3. Now a user needs to test from the student view

How to test Blackboard IM (formerly Wimba Pronto) for Vista Higher Learning Textbooks

  1. After logging in on,
  2. the Software is linked on your “My courses”  page: image
  3. Download and install: image
  4. After install: image
  5. Mine was already enabled, but the help says: imageLog in (Note: my account info was different form my image
  6. image
  7. image
  8. Check out the Tools menu
    1. Audio settings should be especially interesting, but there ix no built-on test:
    2. image
    3. Need a partner for testing ..