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How a teacher can use Sanako voice insert to easily add spoken comments to students’ Sanako oral proficiency exams- step–by step

  1. Requirements:
    1. you need access to the network share to open/save student recordings (this works in your office; I do not know whether there is technology supported on campus that this makes this work in your home office also,
    2. you need to have the free Sanako student recorder Lite installed, here is how: Just “Run” the above link.
    3. Recommended: in the student recorder, from menu: TBA, set your “default save directory” to the current folder with the student recordings – otherwise you have to change the save as dialogue back to this destination for each file you save.
    4. you UPDATE: DO NOT ANYMORE need to disable the voice graph (not compatible with voice-insert recording; you can, however show the voice graph again when done recording and reviewing the file)
    5. you need to save the student recording, updated with your comments, in the same folder with the same file name as the source (when “saving as” and choosing the name, preferably do not type it, but rather select or copy/paste it. The original file will still be preserved since your version will be saved in a a different format and therefore have a different file extension)
  2. TBA:you can rewind to listen, and re-record to overwrite comments that you want to revise
  3. More training:
    1.  the voice insert step-by-step training video we made for students.
    2. How a teacher can give students aural feedback on oral exams using the Sanako Study 1200 Lite Recorder