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How teachers restrict students to allowed web pages with Sanako Study 1200 web browsing (strict) activity–the ultimate training summary

…using animated GIFs. Load the speed of your choosing (or several, use CTRL-Click to open links in a new tab) into the left screen of the teacher station before administering an oral exam, with the window active, press F5 in your web browser to restart the animation from the beginning:0.50sec,0.75sec,1sec,2sec,3sec,4sec,5sec,6sec,7sec,8sec,9sec,10sec


Condensed (instructions only) for recap: 100cs, 200cs, 300cs, 400cs, 500cs, 600cs, 700cs, 800cs, 900cs, 1000cs. And if you need to pause:

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How to enable a secondary monitor, using the Dell Monitor: Front Buttons

If the Monitor is in no-signal mode (indicator: screensaver test image floating across the screen, may be color test or single color like message below) ,


try to press front button: icon “monitor with incoming arrow” AKA the ”input selector” (may be leftmost or the 2nd button from the left), to help the monitor detect the input signal ( setting “Autodetect” should do just this, but seems to fail).


This has been tested to work (turn the monitor on to display a signal received in a dual monitor setup) on the dual monitors connected to both the LRC teacher and reception desk computers.

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