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Spring 2012 Faculty Workshop II: Oral Proficiency testing with Audacity/Sanako

  1. View screens (best viewed side by side, but note that left and right screen are not synchronized):
    1. for full slide show (note the included short links for convenient further reading), left screen
    2. for Sanako interface and full audio track, right screen.
  2. Table of contents:
    1. Overview of a Sanako Oral Exam
    2. Examples of Exam teachers’ exam question recordings
    3. Example of a Sanako Exam
    4. Loop induction
      1. creating an exam question recording
      2. by taking a Sanako exam as a student
    5. Step-by-Step of administering a Sanako oral exam
    6. Grading Sanako oral exam student files
      1. Sanako voice insert for
        1. facilitating recording oral assignments for student without hard-coded pauses
        2. commenting on student responses during grading
    7. Sanako authoring tool for providing visual on top of aural cues to students
  3. workshop-2012-2-sanako-ppt-thumbnails

How to combine oral cue audio with images in Sanako Study 1200 authoring-tool

  1. This 100-second authoring tool screencast shows how to
    1. preview the audio in the authoring tool,
    2. add an image and
    3. set its display time on the timeline,
      1. If you make an error by assigning non-sensible times, the authoring tool helps you by flagging it red:
      2. sanako-authoring-if-you-make-error-flagged-red1

    4. save (save frequently, on my Windows-XP SP3 machine, the image display within the authoring tool caused frequent BSODs, seemed video-driver-related).
  2. View results (application during a class) here.

How to use visual instead of aural cues during a Sanako oral proficiency exam

  1. This exam file has been authored with the Sanako Study 1200 TBA:authoring tool. It is displayed from  the Sanako tutor application:
    1. images on a projection screen connected to the teacher computer,
    2. aural portion through the tutor-controlled Sanako student player and headsets. 
  2. To protect the integrity and allow for reuse of the exam, only the initial instruction, example and collection of the results of an exam with visual cues are shown in this screencast.