Spring 2014 LRC report

  1. Old issues (continued from the Fall 2013 report ):
    1. The LRC software image:
      1. UPDATE: Recent Java updates are issues with textbook publisher pages.
      2. We are still trying to get some of the Sanako digital audio lab functionality from last year back.
      3. To help with this, we are upgrading the Sanako software once again, to a maintenance release  (v 7.1.) which we have also been given for free – it is not clear whether the fall Sanako version was unstable or whether the LRC computers are overtaxed with the upgrade to Windows 7.
      4. We also still have configuration issues with the new imaging process which we try to get resolved.
      5. Please do not hesitate to use the Sanako: talk to me in advance what you are trying to do, and I will test for you and, if necessary, try find workarounds or provide additional training.
    2. The Moodle audio recorder: The Center for Teaching and Learning, after pulling the Nanogong recorder which was released by mistake, on the basis of the survey you responded to, have kindly installed a test (not public yet) version of PoodLL. We will be testing with a teacher this term.
  2. New issues: We have had repeated issues with LRC hardware and equipment readiness which tended to crop up in the middle of attempted usage. To increase LRC readiness for use by you and your students, this term:
    1. We schedule LRC assistants to do regular walkthroughs, checks and inventories :
      1. of headphones, computers, film and faculty equipment functionality and
      2. also of the teaching and learning environment: maintain status of projector, teacher computer, furniture, blind and cleanliness…
    2. We will have the most experienced LRC assistant function as a supervisor at the reception desk: Unless there is a pile-up of clients, this supervising assistant has been instructed not to interact directly with clients, but monitor and – as required – correct and re-train the less experienced LRC assistants.
    3. Please support LRC assistants in their tasks, and let us know of any problems, service breakdowns etc.
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