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Moodle 1 into Moodle 2 course restore fails with error “unsupported subplugin” or “unknown resource successor” or “parameter (contextid) was missing

  1. I could not get the course to convert, until I deleted everything but the fora , and not even my rss blocks converted with urls – if this helps somebody, I describe the steps I took here:


  2. clip_image002
  3. upconclicking on more info: error/moodle/unsupported subplugin From MoodleDocs
  4. The cause of this is likely due to an unsupported subplugin not being available in the version of Moodle you are using. If this error appeared during the restore of a Moodle course check the plugins within the backed up course against what is available in the Moodle you are restoring the course to. The Moodle you are restoring the course to is likely to be missing a plugin that is present in the backed up course. There is a tracker for this error to be a bit more graceful during course restore for Moodle version 2.x.x http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-29288  <http://docs.moodle.org/23/en/error/moodle/unsupported_subplugin>
    • Do not include "Video Assignments" means not only video files, but also Kaltura streamed video.
    • If I remove pretty much anything which was useful and retry backup/restore with these settings
    • clip_image001


    1. I removed the video, however, there is a new error
    2. clip_image002

    error/moodle/unknown resource successor

    From MoodleDocs

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    There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages.


    Pasted from <http://docs.moodle.org/23/en/error/moodle/unknown_resource_successor>

    1. There seems no way for me to deselect Centra events, soi I sem to have to delete them from the original course (whee I would still have had a use for them).
    2. Did I see these linked file warnings before?

    Backup Details:

    Include Assignments without user data

    test upload assignment1

    Model imitation Assignment

    Include Forums without user data

    LRC Staff Announcements&Discussion Forum

    Spanish Tutoring Schedule Changes

    Include Quizzes without user data

    The Cloze(multianswer) question "" does not contain any question

    Linked file 18197_4c96c46e/books01.gif doesn’t exist

    Linked file 18197_4c96c46e/partcimage2jpg.jpg doesn’t exist

    Linked file 18237_4c97eaaf/key.gif doesn’t exist

    Linked file 18237_4c97eaaf/testpic1.jpg doesn’t exist

    Linked file Ch5picture.jpg doesn’t exist

    Linked file ST_two_image_halfsize.jpg doesn’t exist

    Linked file Untitled-4.jpg doesn’t exist

    Linked file f0test6ph.PNG doesn’t exist

    Linked file lafamilleducharme.gif doesn’t exist

    Linked file map1.gif doesn’t exist

    Linked file moodle-upload-zip-files-unzipped.PNG doesn’t exist

    Linked file testpic2contrast.jpg doesn’t exist


    Pasted from <https://moodle.uncc.edu/backup/backup.php>

    Error remains:


  5. Now remove really all Saba Centra  and Kaltura references.

  6. Error remains: image

  7. Now we are removing everything except fora:

  8. Not much point anymore, but now we reach the next step: image

  9. RSSs blocks were transferred, but without feeds.

  10. In addition, you may see this error, when you get logged out and have to log in again after uploading the backup file: image

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