LRC training animated-gifs

  1. This link gives you a nice overview list of the LRC animated gif’s for training.
    1. Chrome users need to install this first,  still can view get only a subset.
    2. Neither Chrome nor  Firefox offer a search-within like Internet Explorer.
  2. They are meant for display on the left lrc teacher station screen.
  3. whether you display them as student training material on the projector
  4. or display them as guidance for yourself
  5. Did you miss something?
    1. The animated gif’s cycle in an infinite loop. Just wait for the next round.
    2. If you want to restart the video now, press F5 or click the Refresh button image in your browser address bar.
    3. Or use one of the slower speed videos I made.
  6. I also made clickable versions that you can hand-browse (more control. More effort also).
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