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Remote Desktop Users group?


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Does the Sanako Study 1200 tutor set the input language to Chinese (traditional)?

  1. Or why is my input language set to Chinese after the Sanako tutor install:image
  2. Unclear whether the tutor install has an effect on the default language, but we observed this problem earlier on an XP computer that also had the Sanako study 1200 tutor.

How to redirect Windows Live Writer “My Weblog Posts” to SkyDrive using Symbolic Links

  1. UPDATE: Using Junctions and Symbolic Links has limitations, e.g. I have not found a way to point a network share location of to my Skydrive folder. A solution using a secret windows live writer supported key in the registry is explained here  seems simpler and better (assuming support for this key will not vanish in a new release of windows live writer).
  2. Benefits:
    1. Recently, the documentation and training materials I do with windows Live Writer have become somewhat more evolved, and my Live writer posts both big and live documents.
    2. With this method, I can access and edit your posts and drafts from different computers. Possibly also save drive space on the drive where the “My weblog Posts”points to be default.
  3. Prerequisites:
    1. MS-SkyDrive account and app.
    2. Here we are using the Link Shell Extension, but you can use the mklink command built-into Windows.
    3. To create Symlinks, you need to have admin rights.
  4. Steps:
    1. After closing Live Writer, go to “My Weblog Posts” in your “My Documents” folder, move it to your SkyDrive folder.
    2. In the new location, right-click on the folder “My Weblog Posts”, choose “Pick link source”.
    3. image
    4. Right-click on the “My documents”folder in the original location and choose Drop link / Symbolic Link. image
    5. The original location is now only a link (see folder icon), but Live Writer still opens. image
    6. Final step: Blog this from Live Writer, then check the location of your weblog post. Smile

Respondus forced upgrade and upgrade errors


The big LRC SANAKO “How do I…?”

(Work in progress).

View larger Word version than this embed:

Pictolang, another flashcard site for vocabulary learning

  1. Distinguishing mark: Pictolang is based on the Culturally authentic Picture Lexicon. Here is an overview of the currently available languages and imagery:
  2. Language  Region # Images
    German  2631
    Mandarin China 2336
    ESL  North America 2074
    Russian  1420
    French  France 1231
    Spanish  Southern Cone 1022
    Spanish  Mexico 1000
    Spanish  Central America & Caribbean 872
    Spanish  Peninsular 579
    Arabic  287
    Special Collections  151
    Ukrainian  139
    Japanese  106
    French  Canada 47
    Arabic  Oman 11
  3. You can focus vocabulary your study on specific topics, which will likely integrate it better with your core textbook material (often divided into topical chapters). image
  4. Suitable for self-study, the use of CAPL makes this an especially interesting tool for preparing work/study/travel abroad. It also allows for playing a classroom flashcard game in language culture and area studies, where the teacher can provide context and background information in the images from the target culture.
  5. image
  6. Example o the Word Match Game right answer feedback:
  8. Wrong answer feedback:
  9. image

How a teacher can differentiate students into groups in Sanako Study 1200–the ultimate training summary…

…using animated .gifs. Slower? Compact: 0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, 1.5sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec.Or including unmarked frames: 0.25sec, 0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, 1.5sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec. sanako sessions

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How to terminate Sanako student.exe

  1. Since I am getting search engine hits from the above query on my blog, a quick answer:
  2. You likely need to terminate the helper.exe in the process manager first, since this service restarts the student.exe, for the good reason that
    1. you do not want students to opt out of your Sanako class,
    2. and also in case of student.exe crashes.
  3. Now here is wondering why you want to terminate it…. Smile