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How to redirect Windows Live Writer “My Weblog Posts” to SkyDrive using Symbolic Links

  1. UPDATE: Using Junctions and Symbolic Links has limitations, e.g. I have not found a way to point a network share location of to my Skydrive folder. A solution using a secret windows live writer supported key in the registry is explained here  seems simpler and better (assuming support for this key will not vanish in a new release of windows live writer).
  2. Benefits:
    1. Recently, the documentation and training materials I do with windows Live Writer have become somewhat more evolved, and my Live writer posts both big and live documents.
    2. With this method, I can access and edit your posts and drafts from different computers. Possibly also save drive space on the drive where the “My weblog Posts”points to be default.
  3. Prerequisites:
    1. MS-SkyDrive account and app.
    2. Here we are using the Link Shell Extension, but you can use the mklink command built-into Windows.
    3. To create Symlinks, you need to have admin rights.
  4. Steps:
    1. After closing Live Writer, go to “My Weblog Posts” in your “My Documents” folder, move it to your SkyDrive folder.
    2. In the new location, right-click on the folder “My Weblog Posts”, choose “Pick link source”.
    3. image
    4. Right-click on the “My documents”folder in the original location and choose Drop link / Symbolic Link. image
    5. The original location is now only a link (see folder icon), but Live Writer still opens. image
    6. Final step: Blog this from Live Writer, then check the location of your weblog post. Smile
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