Use SharePointDesigner here to quickly and cleanly edit legacy static web pages

  1. Confronted with the need to have faculty classify my variable speed animated GIF collection of Mandarin characters linked from static HTML pages, I find:
  2. SharePointDesigner is a FrontPage derivative, but still beats dealing with the special markup MS-Office tends to smuggle into your legacy web pages.
  3. And you can download it for free from MS here, install and open a file by right-clicking it and “Open with”, like so: image .
  4. User then can e.g. select a pinyin word, right-click it, access the font-dialogue, like so: image, and, to align this alphabetic pinyin list to the progression in the syllabus if the Chinese language program, assign a heat-scale like so: image. E.g this would denote an easy character for Chinese 101: image.
  5. Note 1: Do not use SharePointDesigner 2010,, this doe not allow easy editing of single web pages anymore: image.
  6. Note 2: The CSS style markup that SharePointDesigner puts in smartly for  the font color change is ignored by Internet Explorer 8 (Huh?!), so we will have to TBA:ask students to use Firefox instead.
  7. Note3: Why not just use MS-Word as HTML-Editor. Even if you save as and choose “Web-page filtered, like so: image, to avoid MS-Office specific markup, MS-word puts spurious markup in that makes it not only slow down the road to open the file, but also difficult to post-process them with regular expression (I have a few hundred copies to make for different animation speeds). Compare the file sizes here:
  8. image
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