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Phonetic Russian character input on US-keyboards with Google IME in the LRC

  1. To write Russian phonetically in Cyrillic:
    1. Since “input methods”are specific to each window (and automatically switch to that of the window you make active), first open the application you want to write in, preferably MS-Word (has proofing tools for Russian).
    2. In the language bar on the lower right, click on “EN”, select “Russian” insteadimage
    3. Click on the keyboard symbol and select “Google”: google-russian-ime1
      1. You first may have to right-click on the language bar on the lower right of your desktop and select “Adjust” to show the keyboard symbol: google-russian-ime2
    4. If you now type in MS-Word Russian (your selection did not “stick” in MS-Word? do the above steps again, eventually it will…) phonetically on a US-keyboard, you will be able to select from suggestions in Cyrillicimage
    5. Click the desired suggestion to have it entered into MS-Word: image
  2. To go back to writing temporarily in English (without changing the entire input method back to English), click the (Cyrillic/Latin) letter symbol on the Google Russian IME menu: image and you can enter English (Latin alphabet) without the popup suggesting you Russian equivalents: image
  3. To switch from the phonetic input to a floating Cyrillic keyboard,
    1. click on the keyboard symbol in the Google Russian IME. image
    2. Or from the Language bar, switch to the other (Microsoft) keyboard layout for  "Russian" (see #4 above), and go to "Start" / "Run" / type OSK, click "OK".
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