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How to use Bulk Rename’s RegEx matching capability

Much desired, but took me a while to figure that one out:

By default, any filename with a  matched substrings will be replaced by nothing;


What you want to remain, you have to refer to in the replacement with backticks:image phonetics website for learners of English, German and Spanish

Hone your foreign language pronunciation skills by learning about phonetics: This oft-recommended University of Iowa phonetics website “contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds (….)  for each consonant and vowel”, including “an animated articulatory diagram, a step-by-step description, and video-audio of the sound spoken in context”.


Why does MS-OneNote fail to linkify my URLs properly?

If this is a bug, it seems a pretty basic one:


for a 3rd generation software plus a service pack: image. Unless I am doing something wrong, of course (I only paste those links). It is not a link length issue, not all links break at the same length (94 would be an odd length in a binary world anyway). If it is a special character, I fail to see it.

Watching workshop screencast recordings

We added a dual-screen setup to the teacher  computer. We produce two screencasts, for archiving and reviewing, per training held, one of the left and one of the right screen. On a typical desktop computer, you should be able to view both side-by-side, like so (using Windows 7 Aero Snap, just activate the right/left window and on your keyboard, press Windows key + right- or left-arrow):


We hope to have screencast recording software, video drivers and scree/projection hardware that will enable us to provide a single screencast of both screens. However, other upgrades are higher up in the priority list.

Supporting Hebrew – A running log

  1. We are getting questions about what support for learning and using Hebrew the LRC can offer. Currently, none locally (beyond our online list of CALL tools), but this was a timely reminder to bear in mind this summer when:
  2. setting up Windows 7.
  3. setting up Office 2010.
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How to transcribe English into phonetic alphabet using

2012/07/05 2 comments


Phonetizer transcribes into IPA. The vocabulary seems somewhat limited (45000 claimed) – English spelling variants do not help, although Phonetizer offers BE as an input option. I have not found a length limit for the transcription with an article from the current Economist of over 1000 words – should be plenty for most reading/recording assignments in the LRC. Easy as (web2)py. Smile  The web version is advertisement-based. The downloadable version is not free, so we cannot install it in the LRC, unfortunately.

Windows 7 US-English with German language pack


Just to make sure, we are still in EDT… Smile (and the date and other formats do not get changed with the display language either, but so does help and feedback). image

Can you find the error in Microsoft’s German localization in the command line window? Post it below.