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How to request minor hardware and office supplies for the LRC using 49ermart

  1. Go to, log in with your NINERNET account.
  2. Search the approved providers, like CDW or Staples for minor hardware and office supplies.
  3. Put items in your shopping cart.
  4. image
  5. Follow these steps to request the item:
    2. image
    3. image
    4. image
    5. image

Remember to switch to a 32-bit web browser if your SkyDrive online documents fail to open in MS-Office 2010.

  1. I would have thought that in this day and age, usage metrics data would have prompted MS to put that problem root and resolution – open the web page and the “Open in [Excel/Word/PowerPoint]" in a 32-bit browser -  more prominently in the error messages .
  2. Instead, if using a 64-bit browser, you may be seeing
    1. this: image (“To open this workbook, your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Excel. If you have an older version of Office or no Office at all, you can try Microsoft Office 2010 for free")
    2. or this image (“Install Office 2010 to open [your filename] in Excel. To open this workbook your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Excel and a browser that supports opening files directly from SkyDrive. Learn more about the requirements If you don’t currently have Office or are using an older version, you can try Microsoft Office 2010 for free. Learn more about trying Microsoft Office 2010. ”)
    3. or this image("We are unable to detect Microsoft Excel on your computer. Troubleshoot You can also download a copy of this workbook).
  3. If e.g. you `run this browser: image
  4. Only if you follow the troubleshoot link, you find the 64-bitness of the browser mentioned.

Reports that Messenger cannot initiate a video call?

I can initiate from Windows 7 to XP, back and forth, as the following screenshots attest to (they also show my version #).


Might reports be related to the fact that, on June 14, Microsoft has made it compulsory for all Windows Live Essentials 2009 users to update to the latest version, Windows Live Essentials 2011 QFE3 update, bumping the version number up to 15.4.3555.0308 (which is what I already have on Windows 7, but not on XP which cannot run Windows Live Essentials 2011, but Vista does)?

Here is a troubleshooting list from Microsoft Answers:

“repair your Windows Live Programs.

1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
2. View by: Category.
3. Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.
4. Select Windows Live Essentials, then click Uninstall/Change.
5. Click Repair all Windows Live Programs.

1. Ensure that the webcam driver is up to date.

2. Run Audio/Video Setup Wizard.

a. Start Windows Live Messenger

b. Click Tools, and then click Audio and Video Setup.  (Press Alt on the keyboard to get the Menu bar) Note: For Windows Live Messenger 2011, select Set up audio and video devices.

c. Follow the directions in the wizard to select and configure the audio and video devices

Note: If you encounter an error and you have a McAfee Site Advisor, please refer to our related article below: Unable to Initiate a Video Call or Video Conversation in Windows Live Messenger

3. Remove Third Party Applications or Add-ons. – if you installed any.

How to fix inability to open notebook from web in MS-OneNote

2012/06/21 2 comments
  1. A lot of people  seem to experience this problem, where the menu item “Open in OneNote” in the OneNote webapp results in the error: “To open this notebook your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft OneNote and a browser that supports opening files directly from the Office Web Apps.”
  2. Here is what seems to have solved it for me (it only started to work when owssupp.dll was reinstalled. However, some of the earlier steps may also be necessary, notably adding to the “trusted sites”).
  3. To open from OneNote desktop, as opposed to form the webapp, I tried to find out the URL of OneNote notebook
    1. Easiest way is subtracting the edit.aspx portion from the OneNote webapp URL you are viewing.
    2. Or if you can open the notebook on a different computer in OneNote, right-click on the notebook in the left tree and choose properties, or hover over one of its section headers above it to read the tooltip). image
    3. Then in OneNote on the offending computer, menu:file/open/ instead of browsing, paste the URL. This failed without providing any feedback: image
  4. Then I tried following the tips under the link “troubleshooting” in the error message.
    1. However, Firefox had the office plugin already enabled:
    2. I made sure you I was not  not running Internet Explorer  IE 64-bit.
    3. In IE 32-bit: Enable the SharePoint OpenDocuments Class add-on in “Tools”/”Manage Add-ons”: Display the list of add-ons, Dropdown “Show” / “All add-ons” / SharePoint OpenDocuments Class, “Enable”, this had also already been the case. image
    4. I added in IE trusted sites (these were missing – did it matter?): Tools / Internet Options./ Security / Trusted sites/ Level needs to be lower than High, Sites, Add this website to this zone box, added liv and (IE adds the asterisk) : image
  5. I then followed the MS Answers forum instructions to reinstall MS-Office, or rather remove and reenable the owssupp.dll:
    1. before: image, then rename extension to “old”.
    2. In control panel / programs and features / office 2010 professional plus / configure /  office tools / Microsoft SharePoint Foundation support, run from my computer, to re-add the SharePoint plugin: image
    3. after: image
    4. Voilà: Now I could open in OneNote from OneNote webapp: image
  6. Here is wishing that this were easier.., but now I can also open from OneNote / File / Open, and give the URL on (giving  the URL does not open directly, I have to press  open again to open the OpenNotebook.onetoc2): image

NetOp School 6 not upgrading

  1. Here is what we have:
  2. image
  3. Here is what get:
  4. image
  5. And for the indexing servers: “ Web Update failed with error: Index file could not be located at update-server.”

Mac Mini (Mid 2010) Overview

Just trying to make the basic troubleshooting information more accessible from the field:


image Taken from:

Protected: SelfReg – registration of devices on the UNCC network in 5 easy steps

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