Moodle Kaltura teacher and student video uploads combined

  1. You can combine
    1. a Model/Question video, uploaded by the teacher as a video resource
    2. with an Imitation/Response video captured by the student.
    3. kaltura-teacher-upload-student-upload-combined
  2. Cons:
    1. When viewing the teacher upload video models/questions, the student has to alternate between pause/play (which are not even on the same button).
    2. Student does not have to also handle pausing/restarting the video recording, but that may be another con: The student cannot pause her video, so the grader will have to skip over pauses in his recording.
  3. Pros: Looks like a video recording can peacefully coexist with a  simultaneous video playback (XP, IE8):  kaltura-teacher-upload-student-upload-combinedc
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