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Live Feedback and Voting for clicker-like activities in Sanako Study 1200

  1. study1200-buttons-live-voting-live-feedback (Images are from the Sanako documentation, screencasts my own) .
  2. Sanako Study 1200 comes with Live Feedback.
    1. This is what it looks like: study-1200-live-feedback
    2. The teacher enables students to give Live Feedback from their student player interface by pressing the Live Feedback button.
    3. Live Feedback is designed for students sending basic information whether they are following or confused or neutral.
      1. These up to 3 answer options could possibly be repurposed, and the question displayed by separate means. Polls can only be anonymous, results cannot be saved.
      2. More importantly, the results are not anonymous, but appear on the student icons in the classroom layout so that the teacher can attend to those students that are confused or otherwise struggling.
  3. Sanako Study 1200 also comes with Voting.
    1. A brief demo screencast of Voting is here:
    2. The teacher enables students to give Voting from their student player interface by pressing the Voting button, entering questions, answer options, optionally marking one (and only one) answer as the right answer and clicking “send’ to the students, voting-teacher-gui
    3. on whose computer a window with will pop up with question and answer option voting-student-gui
    4. while the feedback voting results window pops up on the teacher from where the teacher can “send the correct answer” to the students once everybody has voted, and “create new” polls. voting-teacher-gui-results
    5. Results can be viewed by the teacher and displayed to the class, but cannot be stored (there is no storing mechanism. One could however save a screenshot of the teacher voting result window).
    6. The Voting is also “live” insofar as no content can be archived and reloaded. Maybe this Live Voting can be both accelerated and extended through the use of a simple PowerPoint displayed on the classroom screen, by just using live Voting’s result aggregation features and forfeiting filling out/displaying the question and answer options within the live voting interface for the teacher/students.
  4. Not free, but less limited: Sanako Exam.
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