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Test of Join.me for Remote assistance/Screensharing across the internet

  1. How easy is this? (not a rhetorical question, we will have to try and test):
    1. originator
      1. goes to http://join.me, clicks on share, downloads and installs an Applet.
      2. receives a join.me URL with a session number which he gives to  (best over the phone)
    2. receiver who loads this session URL to view the screen.
  2. What works
    1. from wireless to wired intranet TBA
    2. from off-campus to wired on-campus
  3. What does not work
    1. accurate reporting of remote mouse position
  4. Demo: viewing laptop connected over wireless laptop to desktopjoin-me-test
  5. Test in practice worked flawlessly (with one limitation: it (the basic version?) only shares only your primary screen), when connecting a software reseller 400miles away to troubleshoot, here is the pretest: join-me-pc32-from-home1
  1. Paul
    2014/01/17 at 06:09

    Check out the new pro version and update your review, Thomas 🙂

    • 2014/01/17 at 12:14

      I will, if I get around to it. Hm, I was actually already quite happy with the past version as a workaround for our lack of screen sharing service. Not if the institution is moving to LYNC though…

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