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First steps with MS-Lync 2013 screen sharing and remote control during support calls

  1. Start a meeting, by double-clicking on somebody who shows as available in your contact list: image
  2. If you then hover over the monitor item at the bottom, you get the option to “present”, i.e. show your screen to the other person your are meeting with. (Multi-monitor support seems good, if you have multiple monitors like we do): image
  3. If you accept the sharing: image
  4. Voilà, there is your colleague’s screen in a window on your desktop, watch her mouse actions: image
  5. The presenter
    1. receives a visual reminder: image
    2. can also give you control to remote control her mouse: image, the result of which looks like that: image
    3. can stop the presentation at any time.
  6. Finally, the presentations can be recorded which could be extremely useful in a support call for later reuse/review either by the presenter or audience. Click on the 3 dots in the lower right of the “stage”window. image
  7. It looks like a basic, easy workplace-wide screen sharing software that integrates with the local accounts could be extremely productive during daily collaboration. To make such a solution a system-wide service for calling support, one would probably need a queue and pool of supporters and call forwarding.

MS-Office Communicator: Tips for using: Presence

No time for playing phone-tag (or “Phone-tag: Next generation”, aka email-tag)? “Presence” is your friend.

In Communicator, from your contact-list, right-click on a contact, choose “tag-for-status-change-alerts”.

From MS-Help: Tag a contact so you are notified when they are available: “Communicator can notify you of changes in a contact’s availability by displaying an alert whenever their presence status changes to Available or Offline. The alert shows the contact’s name, title, instant messaging address, and new presence status. You can click the alert to start an instant messaging session with the contact. Configuring Communicator to display this alert for a given contact is called tagging.”

Like in these screenshots: