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New Teacher MAC Computer in Coed037 with Final Cut Pro 3

  1. A new Mac Mini on the teacher podium was installed today in Coed037.mac-mini-rear
    1. Because of case size difference, the new Mac Mini had to be installed on the right side wall of the podium, unlike the old one which was smaller and fit on the keyboard tray.
    2. It is still switched through the podium as before: CIMG0059
    3. For logging in, use the generic, not your personal account.
    4. Standard current ITS MAC image.
  2. Final Cut Pro 3
    1. was installed into the image, and run.
    2. Media components (Audio content, Motion content) allegedly have also been included in this install.
  3. We also added MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2. Note, however, that the non-beta version does not have the YouTube.com download capability mentioned here earlier (you will get this error  more focused): CIMG0051
      1. Because of podium monitor incompatibility, we could not increase the screen resolution to the minimum 1280*800 required Final Cut Studio 3. CIMG0036We nevertheless were able to start Final Cut pro. You can permanently bypass this warning dialog if you see it, and report problems. CIMG0037-screen-resolution
  4. We also permanently bypassed this firewire error: CIMG0041
  5. And here is the result: CIMG0042
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