How not to book LRC equipment: Scheduling conflicts

  1. Do not send a meeting request to an item for a time when the item has a prior meeting request.
  2. The tab: scheduling assistant within the meeting request you edit is there to tell you when items have prior meeting requests.
    1. scheduling-assistant-timelines-marked-no-yes
    2. A “blocked” timeline denotes a prior meeting request: The item has already been booked (solid block) or requested (hatched block) during the start and end time of your meeting. Do not crash their party.
    3.  “blank” timeline means “item is free”. Go ahead: You can request a meeting with this item between your start and end time.
    4. Once you have this overview, you can easily remove, by right-clicking on the resource, extra resources that you cannot book or could, but which you do not need: scheduling-assistant-remove-resource
  3. Once the university has mail-enabled your cloud-accounts on campus, we will have a computer decline such conflicting requests automatically, and force you to start over with a new meeting request. It will be still worth your while memorizing the above: You can save time and avoid disappointment.

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