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LRC Outlook/Exchange 2010 Resource Calendaring: How staff view resource “Calendars from your organization” in OWA

  1. Note: Students that have not been specifically invited to share a calendar, must use (staff may also) this approach to view calendars, to avoid a permission problem .
  2. Staff can load resource calendars, but as somebody who books the resource (except where you still cannot book/schedule/sign up: Tutors), you normally neither need nor want to (unless you manage the resources).
    1. To preview the free/busy schedule of the resource, use the scheduling assistant instead.
    2. To make sure that you have booked the resource, load your OWN calendar instead: Since it is you who “meets” with the resource, your meeting will be reflected on there. If you also loaded the resource’s calendar, you would see your “meeting” twice. A meeting always appears in the calendar of all “participants” – only that, other than for resource calendars, you normally do not view the calendar of the other participants who are “human resources”(or maybe you are, at least in the scheduling assistant, but not with details beyond “busy”).meeting-request-view-in-calendar-both-personal&resource_thumb_thumb
    3. You may want to load the resource calendar to learn details about the other “meetings”of the resource (e.g.  which conflicting meeting organizer you can contact in an emergency, or to know how many tentative meeting requests are already pending for a tutor). Below is how:
  3. Similarly to in Outlook (desktop): outlook-mycalendars-shared-calendars-open, in OWA, click on the lower left “Calendar-icon” calendar-iconto unfold the “My Calendars” list my-calendar-icon  in the left pane, then right-click on “My Calendars”, choose “Add Calendar”owa-mycalendars-add1 .
  4. put (part of) the name, click “ok”owa-mycalendars-add2
  5. if there are multiple matches, select the correct one (you can only select one at a time)owa-mycalendars-add3
  6. press “OK” again: owa-mycalendars-add5-search.
  7. As explained above, there is little reason to go overboard and add too many calendars, unless you have to manage: lrc-calendars-outlook
  8. However, you can also easily remove calendars, through the context menu item “Remove shared calendarowa-mycalendars-add9-remove

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