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Calendaring: How teachers can reserve the LRC for classes and schedule tutors in the LRC

  1. This is obsolete from Fall 2011, please view instead https://plagwitz.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/the-new-way-of-booking-lrc-rooms-and-equipment-from-fall-2011/.
  2. You may already collect calendars in one place to stay on top of your course calendars in Moodle and of your non-teaching-related university or departmental activities.
  3. Now you can do the same with the schedules of LRC rooms and “human resources” (tutors, LRC assistants, the director free/busy schedule is also available – equipment checkout remains to be solved!): We have added new calendars to the LRC public information and moved them into our newly upgraded MS-Exchange infrastructure.
  4. Short answer: In Outlook (desktop, OWA may vary), go to Folder view / Public Folders / Languages / Coed 037 and Coed 434, with sub-calendars. Make any calendar you need a favorite (or in the dialogue (show below) “Add favorites” for Coed434, check “Add all subfolders”) . In Calendar view, show the calendar by adding a check to the checkbox in front of it. Add and edit your (recurring) appointments as on your personal calendar.
  5. For class reservation, put class number and activity in the Subject field. Put in the notes field sensitive information which you do not want to put on the WWW, as well as, if you need our support,  details of technology activities planned and student numbers that need computers and headsets.
  6. For tutor scheduling, we have one schedule per language being tutored. Protect the tutor privacy by using the notes field for personal information. Use the Outlook recurrence options as a time-saver (just delete individual exceptions instead of the entire series).
  7. More detail: You can access the calendar  from 1. Folder view, 1a (not shown) Public Folders, 2. Languages and 3: Coed434, like you see here:
  8. outlook-public-folders
  9. I recommend adding them to your calendar favorites for easier management, like so: 
  10. outlook-exchange-public-folders-calendars-add-as-favorite
  11. outlook-public-folders-favorites
  12. Per default, you can see and edit (problems? request access) the LRC calendars in the Outlook "Public Folders" under "LRC", as the permissions dialogue below shows:
  13. exchange-calendar-folder-permissions-author-marked
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