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Calendaring: How students can view the LRC schedules

  1. As of Fall 2011, this is obsolete. View instead the new and improved procedure.
  2. Calendars you can subscribe to:



Tutors French


Tutors Russian


Tutors Portuguese


Tutors Japanese


Lab Assistants


Director Free/Busy


  1. How?

  2. “You can subscribe to published calendars if you use a program that supports the WebCal protocol, such as Outlook, Windows Live Calendar, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal” (MS-Office online Help), as well as Yahoo Calendar.

    Is Windows Live Calendar available to everyone with a Windows Live ID?

    Yes, the Windows Live Calendar is available to all Windows Live ID accounts. To learn more about setting up and maintaining your calendar, open Windows Live Calendar Help. (Microsoft Live Services for Moodle User FAQ)

    Windows Live ID = UNCC Live@edu ID

    Using the “webcal://”-links (to be posted also on the LRC website), students will be able to view live LRC schedules  from live@edu  (and many other applications that support the iCalendar format, like listed on

    http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-outlook/archive/2007/08/08/publishing-a-calendar-using-office-online.aspx or here):

  3. Application


    Chandler (PIM)

    Open Source Applications Foundation


    Novell & GNOME



    Google Calendar


    iCal and iCal Server

    Apple Computer


    The Kontact Team

    Lotus Notes


    Microsoft Entourage


    Microsoft Exchange


    Microsoft Outlook


    Windows Calendar


    Sun Java Calendar Server


    Zimbra Collaboration Suite



  4. How to set this up, taken from the Windows Live help:
  5. Sign into Windows live (or later live@edu) with your Windows live (or later live@edu) ID.
  6. On the toolbar, go to Calendar.
  7. Click Subscribe.
  8. Select Subscribe to a public calendar, and then, in the Calendar URL box, paste the “webcal://” link from the LRC website for the tutoring hours or other LRC schedule that you want to keep an eye on. You begin the link either with “webcal:” or “http:”. Note, however, that trying to subscribe to “webcalS” will result in this error: exchange-outlook-calendar-public-folder-office-live@edu-subscribe-webcals
  9. In the Calendar name box, type a name for the calendar.
  10. Next to Color, select a color for the calendar.
  11. Click Subscribe to calendar, and then click Done. Result:
  12. lrc-coed432-calendar-windows-live
  13. This calendar will be live, i.e. every subscriber will see any updates the LRC makes (like for late-breaking changes and cancellations of tutoring hours). Note however, that synchronization is not instantaneous. Give it up to 30 minutes, under normal circumstances.

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