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Calendaring: How the LRC publishes schedules for viewing

  1. This is how we can publish the LRC drop-in tutoring schedule from MS-Exchange for viewing online:
  2. We have 1 calendar per language tutored in the MS-Exchange public folder:  All Public Folders\Languages\COED 434 (LRC).
  3. Each calendar for each tutoring slot has an appointment. Put restrictions (e.g. “1201/2 level only”) in the appointment title, tutor name in the notes field (the language tutored appears in calendar title itself).
  4. Publish each calendar to office.com as described in the MS-Outlook help: In Calendar, in the Navigation Pane, under My Calendars, select (1) one calendar checkbox, go to (2) Ribbon “home” / section: “share” / dropdown: (3) “publish online” / item: “Publish to office.com”, like so:
  5. exchange-outlook-calendar-public-folder-office.com
  6. In window:  “Publish Calendar to Office.com” / section:”Detail”, choose “limited”, like so:
  7. exchange-outlook-calendar-public-folder-office.com-detail
  8. Make sure the permissions are set for anybody to subscribe, like so:
  9. exchange-outlook-calendar-public-folder-office.com-permissions
  10. When MS-Outlook offers you to notify other users of this published calendar, email it to me and to yourself.
  11. For now, subscribe to all published tutoring calendars in MS-Outlook 2007, using the link in the email to yourself
  12. In MS-Outlook, select all published calendars, overlay them, and make a screenshot of the result (note: there should be only titles, no details).
  13. On the LRC website tutoring calendar page, post the screenshot with the title “Snaphot of the calendar””. Leave the text for any exceptions from recurring events.
  14. Add as instruction “How students can subscribe to the live calendar: https://plagwitz.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/calendaring-how-students-can-view-the-lrc-schedules/”.
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