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How AI and human intelligence can blend in the language lab to form personalized instruction


  1. An example from long before mobile computing but still: While I personally like communicative uses of the language lab infrastructure best (pairing, group conferences, with recording,  screen sharing, collaborative writing),
  2. the above (click image to download and play WMV video, also on MAC – sorry, file won’t transcode) may be the 2nd best :
    1. The student is engaged
      1. primarily with a listening (comprehension) exercise using authentic target language media (German chanson),
      2. also with some light writing (recognition of vocabulary words)
      3. and receives automated feedback in response form quiz template.
    2. The communicative aspect is added
      1. through seamless, effortless, surgical and last not least private teacher intervention or “remote assistance”
      2. when the teacher (“automonitoring” all LAB300 students one after the other) notices from afar (even though thumbnail-sized, hence the large fonts of the quiz template)
      3. how the current automated error feedback may not be enough of an explanation, but may have created “a teachable moment”:
      4. Student heard phonetically correctly, but not etymologically. German “Fahrstuhl”, not “Varstuhl””: literally a “driving chair” – after this little intervention, likely a quite memorable compound.
    3. A good example how language lab computers need not get “in between you and your student”, but connect you – just like has become an everyday reality, in the meantime, in the social web world.
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