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Multilingual WordNet search interface


Covers a subset of the languages supported by the LRC. Based on Wordnet which is rather than a dictionary for human consumption, a machine-readable semantic network, but here is one of its machine-generated applications.

Eva English Word Lookup against Wordnet

  1. Eva Word Lookup – not listed under the extensions, but run against Wordnet, the lexical database for English – enables you to study your English words in depth. This lookup gives you information organized by the following aspects of your word, linked from  an overview of each word type your search term can belong  to:
    1. the coordinate terms (sisters)
    2. the derived forms
    3. the synonyms/hypernyms (ordered by estimated frequency)
    4. the hyponyms (troponyms for verbs)
    5. the holonyms, for nouns
    6. the meronyms, for nouns
    7. sample sentences, for verbs
  2. Below is what results look like for example search term “design”: WordNet 3.0 Vocabulary Helper- design_1332435445059