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How to get from our Film-collection.xlsx to in-depth bibliographic data on and

  1. To access more in-depth (and accurate, especially foreign language-wise) information about the films in our media collection that we can possibly maintain ourselves, we added the ISBN and UPC/EAN identifiers from the collection items to our new online film-collection list. This allows us to link collection items to
    1. film-collection-isbn-worldcat
    2. The link is based on the item’s ISBN (barcode-scanning was rarely possible, thus checksum checking becomes mandatory).
    1. film-collection-upc-upcdatabase
    2. The link is based on the item’s UPC/EAN which do come with barcodes, but lookup resources leave things to be desired:
      1.[upc # here]: yields some info for some items (newer DVDs which usually also have ISBNs?)
      2., on spot-checking, yields only “Trade Item Ownership”, but “no Trade Item Info”, and does not support GET operation.
  1. This links another isolated and non-professional language resource center media collection to the world of non-pseudo libraries,  where the power of crowdsourcing has long been known.
  2. The original plan – which will take more time to implement, especially since it can be automated only in a very limiting way – was to pull into the local collection spreadsheet accurate and multi-faceted bibliographic information, to prevent the common failures of even our usually basic item searches by title:
    1. foreign-language diacritics, given that non-foreign-language-librarians edited the local collection spreadsheet. This requires that foreign character input to be installed on the LRC help desk computers (done for Western) and that student assistant personnel can be trained (theoretically done – will need more practice)
    2. English translations: may provide a safety net for searches, short of automated flattening of all title diacritics.