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When installing apache-maven-3.0.4 on Windows 7 (64-bit), environment variables do not expand in %Path%

2012/05/15 4 comments
  1. Do not follow the instructions for installing apache-maven-3.0.4  on “Windows 2000/XP”, or your final test running mvn –version to verify that it is correctly installed will fail.
  2. When adapting the Environment variable path, do not use %M2_HOME%\bin, but rather repeat the explicit path, e.g. “G:\conf\lang\java\apache\maven\apache-maven-3.0.4” 
  3. maven install
  4. Why is that?

Students of the Oaklawn Language Academy visited the LRC …

… and sent us a thick envelope chock-full of these very sweet handwritten thank-you notes.

I have twin nieces their age, so I know that it can take a bit to get them to write these notes (I am looking at you, Miss M…! Smile).

The little man on the screen they mention, that can talk in tongues is the Microsoft-Deskbot, and the headphones they mention were connected to a Sanako Study 1200 digital audio lab.

I hope we can upgrade all this to Windows 7 this summer, and that the Language Academy will be back next spring to admire it all…