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What are the features of the LangLabEmailer?

  1. Ver
    1. emails as attachments new (hitherto unsent) audio recording or writing assessment or assignment files from the language lab student collection file share to originating student and teacher
    2. attempts to automatically
      1. skip sending small files created during microphone and similar systems tests
      2. reroute email address for files of late students that have been collected under teacher login (simple delimited list, manually editable), but renamed to valid address
      3. reroute files that have been sent under position number rather than student names (including at least to one student of a student pair or group recording)
      4. puts meaningful course name in the  email subject to  easily integrate with email workflow that teachers and students will already be familiar with
    3. provides options to
      1. exclude files from sending
        1. language lab manager: using file name patterns and extensions
        2. teacher:
          1. by marking individual files  as _sent or, preferably, put them in the subfolder
          2. not sending or delay sending until after grading (with inserting feedback, written or voice-insert recorded aural feedback)
          3. send to students only
    4. and more…
  2. Not implemented yet:
    1. Full Support for Sanako ver 6 save files under “last name, first name”
    2. Send to teacher only
    3. Support of Exchange Online.