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How to play unplayable DVDs with VideoLan VLC-Player

If you run into problems playing a DVD video – either since there is no (non-free up to Windows XP) DVD-decoder installed on your computer, or since the DVD was not mastered properly for your DVD-playing software – and if you have VideoLan VLC-Player installed – like on the teacher computer in the LRC main classroom–, you can work around these issues by right-clicking on the Video_TS.vob file – which you will presumably find in the Video_TS subfolder if you browse your DVD as a disk with Windows Explorer (usually drive D: – you may haveto bypass your default DVDS playing software to get in there– and choose from the context menu either directly to “Play with VLC” or via “Open with”, like in this screenshot:

 (Updated from 2009/04/07).