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Blackboard: Discussion board: Unread posts

  1. The Blackboard discussion board is designed for busy people keeping track of large constituencies – some classes have 1 instructor, 100s of participants and discussion board assignments….
  2. One of the most useful features is when you enter the discussion board, there is a shortcut to the “Unread Posts”, like marked here:
  3. If you click on this number of unread posts, you are taken to an overview page (sorted counter-chronologically be default; not threaded, but you have plenty of other display and management options), which you can skim for new developments, as well as use to manage your posts:
  4. Examine the top menu for options. You can either for individual posts click “mark  as read”, as you read each one. Or you can use the “select all” tool and the “mark all as read” button in the top menu to clean up your board. Once you leave, your discussion board home page should look like this: