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Protected: How to configure the LangLabEmailer for your school, and share back

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Feature Request for the LangLabEmailer

How to uninstall the LangLabEmailer

  1. Either from the control panel / add remove programs: image.
  2. To get these options: image.
  3. To restore, you can also right-click on the desktop icon:image
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How to update the LangLabEmailer

  1. LangLabEmailer updates automatically if an update is available when you start it.
  2. Your langlabemailer.exe.config should not be affected by an update. you can access and back up the previous version by restoring, the previous version from the context menu of the desktop shortcut: image.
  3. You may need to reapply changes after an update (automatic on application run that need not, but may overwrite your local settings, but will keep a backup (look for ".pre" files in a subdirectory of the data directory  (= directory with the langlabmailer.exe.config and without the many other (MANIFEST, DLL) files). 
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Request to download the LangLabEmailer

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“Clickonce” to download Langlabemailer (BETA)

After receiving the response to your request for a download link, click the link in the response to go the download page, and on that page click the button: “Install”.langlabemailer-clickonce

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Testing my Langlabemailer…


… to improve the integration of the digital audio lab into the university’s language teaching processes – 1000 emails at a time. Smile (Coming soon: same day delivery. More on this project will be available here: