Manage some of your teacher computer settings per logged in user

  1. Another day, another hack, and inconsequential, unless of course you are in my situation:
  2. If you need a simple way to change some of your Sanako settings per logged in user
  3. but cannot use the logged-in user system built into Sanako Study 1200:


$path = "C:\ProgramData\Sanako\Study\Tutor\"

; change the sanako default save to dual track supporting mff
	; prereq: customized settings files in the folder ready to rename 
	FileCopy($path & "mffTutor.Settings", $path & "Tutor.Settings", 1)
ElseIf (@UserName = "tplagwit") Then 
; change the sanako default save to dual track supporting wma, for testing
	FileCopy($path & "wmaTutor.Settings", $path & "Tutor.Settings", 1)
; keep the default mp3, but we may have to reset the tutorsettings on this unfrozen computer
	FileCopy($path & "mp3Tutor.Settings", $path & "Tutor.Settings", 1)
; tutor.exe could be hardcoded to (re)load here
If ProcessExists("Tutor.exe") Then
	; determine: we could kill tutor to reload it, but that could be disruptive of a class
	Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\SANAKO\Study\Tutor\Tutor.exe")
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