Checklist for lights (01-07)

  1. Are all Parts there:
    1. main:
      1. Light q60
      2. stand raven rs-8

      q60-sg light and Raven RS8 8 ft. Aluminum Light Stand

    2. minor:
      1. Lamp clip_image001
      2. Stand
        1. (1,4): screw, wing nut
        2. (2,5): screw, wing nut
        3. (3,6): screw, wing nut
        4. disassembled: CAM04117
      3. Test the Functionality
        1. Assemble light and (not pictured) stand and extend.
        2. Plug them in and turn them on CAM04116
      4. Maintenance:
        1. Replace bulb if necessary
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