A checklist for our late hires in the LRC

  1. With the help of your colleagues at the reception desk, sign up for your work schedule by sending  meeting requests from NINERMAIL to lrcassistant@uncc.edu,
    1. Plug any holes/weaknesses in the schedule Reception Staffing
    2. Uf you have $2000 FWS, not more than 10 hours /week even if you start late.
    3. Final approval from LRC coordinator required.
  2. Whenever starting/leaving your shift, log in at the reception desk computer, allow all windows to open, then  clock in by entering your code for checkin/out from the spreadsheet checkoutin.xls  into the meeting request (series) on your NINERMAIL calendar.
  3. Read/listen to the training materials you received –
    1. Word (goo.gl/5hgr7Y) printout : contains a checklist for your responsibilities during your shift.
    2. PowerPoint:
      1. Deck (goo.gl/OV45aF) printout explains how to help with booking LRC equipment and rooms using NINERMAIL meeting requests (which will constitute e most of your work at the help desk).
      2. Video of training session: goo.gl/nWDDro.
    3. NOTE: After your first 2 weeks at work, there will be a Moodle quiz (TBA) that you need to pass!
  4. Questions?
    1. First and foremost, follow the instructions and helpful hints of your more senior colleagues at the reception desk.
    2. Bring further questions to the LRC coordinator or director.
    3. If no one is available for questions: post questions in the LRC Moodle Forum.
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