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Use Moodle 2 Forums’ Mail Now Option to speed up communication

  1. The “Mail Now” checkbox is still there, just the location has changed, compared with Moodle 1..9.: image
  2. Even without “Mail Now” checked, your post goes immediately to the forum – but on the forum, you can still edit it (if you didn’t proof read etc.).
  3. Email, however,  you cannot recall after sending it (well, MS-Exchange email you can, but not Moodle email). That’s why “Mail Now” tries to provide  a safety net for emailed forum messages.
  4. That Forum messages are emailed (“notifications”) is a function of the subscription of users to a forum, which is (“force subscription”) the default, but can be changed in the forum settings.
  5. If you try to use the Moodle forum as a mailing list and/or real-time messaging system (like we do with the LRC Moodle as groupware for LRC staff), checking “Mail now” is recommended.
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