“I can haz all my online appointment and schedule information in one merged calendar in NINERMAIL?”

  1. Yes, you can! Overlay calendars, a much needed feature from Outlook Desktop (as we mentioned earlier) has finally made it into the web version of Outlook (in Office365 the migration of which from live@edu will be finished by the end off the month), as was announced today: “Users can have multiple calendars in a merged view.”
  2. Example: In Outlook Desktop (not available to students), you can not only add a calendar like, icsexport.ics to the right, but, if you click on the (1) little black arrow, add/merge icsexport.ics to the (2) already overlaid calendars on the left, which is much more usable if you need to aggregate content from different sources: moodle2outlook-calendar
  3. And now also in OFFICE365 NINERMAIL:
  4. This should make the sharing of calendar information much easier,  not only for the about 100 LRC resource calendars, but also for other useful calendars that are published on campus:
    1. the new LCS calendar
    2. the registrar’s academic calendar
    3. the campus-wide faculty  calendar
    4. last not least: your Moodle calendar (view all your moodle assignment deadlines in one place, the same place you check your email)
    5. And more… ? Do you know of other calendars, and/or a way to discover them?
  5. The details
    1. yet need to be panned out. We assume the feature will “just work” like above in Outlook Desktop when you
      1. share a calendar or
      2. subscribe to a calendar.
    2. We’ll provide more information and examples once we see this feature… TBA
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