How the LRC tracks volunteer tutoring usage

LRC Volunteer tutors (different from the tracking of CAE tutors; but modeled after their tracking, to be promoted to a CAE tutor), when they arrive AND when they leave the LRC:

  1. at the LRC reception desk (ask the LRC assistant to show the 49erExpress window),
  2. log into their NINERMAIL, go to their calendar,
  3. open their tutor appointment ("series", NOT "occurrence" – however, if this is a non-repeating appointment, create one),
  4. receive a check-in/out code from the LRC assistant spreadsheet (ask the LRC assistants for that),
  5. 5. when checking out, also briefly describe work done:
    1. tutoring done (which student(s),
    2. what topic(s) and work (make sure to comply with the tutor ethics code)
    3. how much time spent on each topic.
  6. "Send update" to meeting request
  7. log out.
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