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How you can share MS-Office files via MS-OneNote instead of directly through MS-SkyDrive

  1. Simple steps:
    1. Drag and drop your MS-Office File to your MS-OneNote page.
    2. When prompted, choose to “insert a copy” (rather than merely linking the original file). image
    3. This puts a copy of the file in the MS-OneNote folder on your local drive,
    4. which (file and folder) gets synched with your online (MS-SkyDrive) version,
    5. which, if you shared it, gets synched with the MS-OneNote folder on the local drive of the PC of the person you are sharing with,
    6. who, by double-clicking, can open and edit his synched local version of MS-Office file in the corresponding MS-Office application.
  2. Stepping back:
      1. Benefit: If you have a working MS-OneNote-based workflow, embedding MS-Office file can quickly extend this workflow.
      2. Risk: If you do not share the MS-OneNote with other editors, you should have no problem. Be aware, though, that concurrency is limited. Unlike accessing the MS-Office file in MS-Office through Office Web apps from MS-SkyDrive directly, editing the MS-Office file from MS-OneNote does not block updating the MS-Office file on remote computers – so expect synching conflicts later if you do not manage concurrency (e.g. by limiting editing sessions). 
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