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Sanako Study 1200 student in-class web browsing activity caveats, errors&glitches

  1. If we put the full URI of the website (e.g. http://www.dict.cc), we experience the student web browser not opening up (either hanging at "verifying access" dialogue or empty browser window and definitely no table of contents browser window). Workaround: put just e.g. http://www.dict.cc.
  2. CAVEAT: make sure you actually know which sub-pages will be loaded (and thus need to be allowable) during your web browsing activity
    1. the address-bar is misleading when a your pages are loaded within a frameset. like in this example: sanako-webbrowsing-strict-policy (4)_thumb . In this example, allow all links in the left menu.
    2. your list of allowable pages should cover the entire workflow, including feedback pages that the student may receive
    3. TBA: it is sufficient for a web page to be allowed/blocked if its URL string contains your listed URL as a substring
  3. We have observed `the following issues:
    1. that the sanako web browser may hang, on startup or later, but a common workaround is closing a hanging sanako web browser which will reopen it on the table of contents page.
    2. that the “verifying access rights” window can disappear quickly, but may delay web browsing for a considerable time before your students are allowed to browse to a web page – please allow time for that (we are investigating whether the size of the class or the type of allow/deny list or individual allow/deny links cause this delay). sanako-webbrowsing-strict-policy_thumb[1]
    3. that the sanako web browser on some computers (despite them have identical software images?) arbitrarily opening new windows which muddies the waters considerably – and also seems to require more time for the verifying –, but does not make the exercise fail: sanako-webbrowsing-strict-policy (2)sanako-webbrowsing-strict-policy (1)_thumb[2]
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