Sharing vs. subscribing to Calendars in OWA/Ninermail

  1. Why does this matter? Different information may be visible to you, especially shared calendars can display more sensitive information than internet published calendars.
  2. How can I tell the difference? Apart from the amount of information that gets displayed to you, different calendar types appear :
    1. in a different place:
      1. Shared calendars appear under (1) heading “people” (even if it is a room or other resource),
      2. subscribed calendars under (3) heading “Other Calendars”
    2. with a different type of name:
        1. Shared calendars have as name the email address (2) “”
        2. subscribed calendars have as default name only “calendar”. Only if you rename the calendar, it has a meaningful identifier, like was done here (4)
  3. shared vs subscribed published calendars-marked
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