How to link screencasts from MS-SkyDrive

  1. I am trying to replace – in the routine cases that do not need post-editing, but where speed is of the essence – my practice to post-process my screencasts in MS-Expression Encoder (installed on one machine only) and upload the result with a page to load a Silverlight Control – all hosted on my MS-Windows Azure portfolio.
  2. Much easier and quicker would it be to store screencasts in MS-SkyDrive (mapping to drives in MS-Windows enables a more robust drag and drop than the still browser-specific web version on, and top take advantage the embed links provided.
  3. Unfortunately,, my blogging platform,  does not support iframes with videos from MS-SkyDrive.
  4. However, by linking to the URL in the embed code, to open in a new window (with the inelegant instruction to “click on the thumbnail that opens”; if it loads slow, the thumbnail ALT displays essentially the same),: linking-screencasts-thumbnail
  5. I can get the  user to an MS- Silverlight control which loads:linking-screencasts-silverlight-player
  6. and plays the video: linking-screencasts-silverlight-playing
  7. more user-friendly and robustly (This has been tested to work on MS-Windows 7 with IE9 and Firefox 3.6) than distributing the bare WMVs of my screencasts directly.
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