The new way of booking LRC rooms and equipment from Fall 2011: How?

  1. Read here why.
  2. You can book LRC resources like rooms, equipment, even tutor hours:
    1. as
      1. faculty & staff: from [MS-Outlook“(pretty much) whatever version”]:
        1. on the desktop Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011 (preferred option for faculty & staff) – if  you are familiar with Outlook Desktop, it is the recommended tool
        2. or at, using Outlook Web Access (OWA) at, in most browsers – we, however, decided to focus our training of new users on OWA.
      2. student: in Outlook Live (the only option for students) at Ninermail or,
    2. through
      1. creating from menu:”new” a “meeting requestowa-menu-new-meeting-request(for details see  How to book an LRC resource)
      2. and adding a resource (or several: temporarily, to compare which one’s availability fits best into your own schedule; permanently, to book multiple items at once, as long as all start/end times are the same)  by clicking on the   “Resources”, like here owa-window-new-meeting-request-resources-marked
        1. all LRC resources names begin with “LRC” and will appear if your search the Global address list (GAL) for “LRC”; all bookable rooms and equipment have been given an email address listed here): owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-address-book-search-global-marked2
        2. e.g. to book the LRC main classroom, send to LRC RoomCOED434 class <>
      3. and adding other meeting participants, e.g. co-teachers of your class, or LRC staff if you need more than routine support
        1. If you hold a class in the LRC, to remind students of the new location, teachers could also try and add your class, if you made a convenient group of all students in your class in Outlook.
      4. and, from the “scheduling assistant”, choosing a time when the room/equipment is free (= blank), not blocked (= solid or hatched)  (and all participants), scheduling-assistant-timelines-marked-no-yes
      5. and adding a subject with class number and possibly special instructions
        1. if you do not allow self-access students on free seats: *EMPTY ROOM*
        2. if you do not allow tutoring in corners: *NO TUTORING*:
        3. I will ask the LRC assistants (unfortunately we have large gaps in the schedule) and tutors to load and check the so that tutors can relocate with their students on time.
      6. and sending it  (like email to a person) to the room or equipment
  3. What happens next?
    1. await responses: Read more in What happens after the meeting request.
    2. monitor calendars: you can link into your OWA the calendars of those resources that you use frequently (e.g. a piece of equipment, an LRC classroom or tutor office for the language you study). Read more in View Calendars.
  4. If you need to release the resource, i.e. to free up the room/equipment for others to use – esp. helpful when you have the LRC booked for your entire class, but won’t meet there this week), open the meeting form your calendar and click in the top menu the buttons cancel  series, ”send update” owa-cancel-calendar-meeting-occurance-open-ribbon-cancel (for details see how to cancel a meeting request)
  5. SummaryList of Links:
      1. this intro
      2. list of LRC resources that you can book or check out
      3. request resource meeting
      4. change meeting request
      5. cancel meeting resource
      6. resources in OWA’s Global Address List (GAL)
      7. scheduling assistant, avoiding scheduling conflicts
      8. resource responses
      9. resource calendars for staff, and for students
      10. equipment check-out/in
      11.  why?
  6. For further reading: Microsoft explains Scheduling for Outlook Livein more detail here:
    1. Request a meeting
    2. Use the Schedule Assistant
    3. you can also Create an appointment or Set a Repeating Item
    4. Cancel a (single/recurring) meeting

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