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Bringing 4 bad computers back into the fold: GhostClient update in spite of bad image

The reason why we cannot join these computers to the domain is simple:

no dns controller

The old image we installed in the last installment of this series does not seem to be for the LRC: it does not contain the right drivers for basic hardware, including Ethernet controller, comes up frozen and keeps booting with warning “Windows did not start normally”.

this is not a valid image for dell optiplex 760 plus deepfreeze

Steps to take to work around this on each of the PCs:

  1. Boot thawed.
  2. Changed the computer name from System Properties / tab: Computername
  3. Install the Ethernet Controller driver INTEL_825XX-GIGABIT-PLATFORM_A04_R272000.exe which I downloaded from DELL, using the service tag, from the driver CD which I burnt.
  4. Reboot, the PC  picks up an IP similar to the ones that the Ghost console can talk to.
  5. Insert a thumb drive  and go to control panel / administrative tools / computer management / disk management , change the thumb drive letter to H:, exit (otherwise  ghost client installer will fail if it does not see the home drive on the domain.
  6. ghost-client-update-fails-outside-domain-since-no-h-drive
  7. Insert the ghost client upgrade CD  I made earlier. Since autorun is disabled in this configuration, browse to \ghost\ghostclientupgrade.bat, and execute this.
  8. The computer reboots. Once it is back up, check, by hovering over the ghost client icon in the notification bar, whether the ghost client points to the ghost server IP.

Mine did: The Ghost console shows it as “connected”, and the Deepfreeze Console could reboot it thawed.

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