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Learning materials management: Online_resources.xls I: Intranet (2003-2009)

Language labs tend to have many multimedia files (audio and video) on network shares – still more flexible than the web-based interfaces we are given (1 user operation does a batch on many files versus multiple clicks are needed for an operation on 1 file).

As a variation on the spreadsheet for multimedia file collections, I created a cataloging spreadsheet that imports lists of audio and video files, including metadata which gets preserved when windows media center records commercial digital TV, from a language center network share – you can find sample code on MS-Excel lists. You can see the import code in action in this screen cast.

Unfortunately, no recursion into subfolders and once more meant to move the files off the network and store on DVDs, for lack of space. Here at least the  fields are less and the search relies more on regular expressions.

The current quick and dirty incarnation of self-made source material for interpreting exercises is here:

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